Your Apple device could alert you when you feel bad

Apple has filed a patent to introduce a body odor sensor on some iPhone as well as on the Apple Watch. The device could make it possible to detect as soon as possible the health problems of the users.

Everyone knows today that the appliances of the Apple firm do just about everything. In the near future, an iPhone or Apple Watch could be able to tell if its user smells bad, thanks to a body odor sensor. Something to please some people who are easily blamed for feeling bad on a daily basis.

Apple brand turns to health devices
It is certain that for some time, Apple devices are doing the necessary to make many health services to their users. Measuring heart rate, measuring physical activity and distance traveled ... Its competitor Google is also in the process of conquering such applications.

Body odor, a true witness of a person's state of health
You may not know it, but body odor is a true indicator of our level of health. The smell results from several molecules released by our body. However, the composition of these may reveal some elements of the composition of our body, and thus allow to diagnose a health problem.

The application that will probably be available on the iPhone and the Apple Watch will not be intended to improve the lifestyle of a person, even if having an alert when it smells bad may allow to improve the daily life. It is actually from a public health perspective that Apple wants to develop such a feature.

A patent filed and no news of the project
Two elements suggest that Apple will embark on a body odor sensor on its iPhone and the Apple Watch. First, a patent has been filed for this purpose. Of course, the filing of a patent does not imply that the product will be developed and marketed, but it is already a start. Such a filing indicates that Apple is interested in the issue and will devote a budget to the research and development of such a product, whose brand wants to protect the idea.

In addition, the competitors of the Apple brand (Google, Huawei, Samsung ...) are seriously and more and more focused on health issues. The future of the smartphone will thus reside in the innovation in sanitary matters. Thus, the patent filed by Apple concerning this body odor sensor.

A sensor working thanks to an artificial intelligence
The sensor for the Apple Watch could therefore collect many molecular data relating to the smell of a person, and treat them with artificial intelligence. The findings found by the device could thus alert the person in case of bad body odor, or even be transmitted to his doctor in the context of a telemedicine protocol. In this way, a continuous monitoring of the data could be exercised by the health professionals in order to help their patient, and by following them the best during their current life.

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